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Kona Family Fishing

Our Kona charter boats have been carefully selected for family fishing excursions, are outfitted with top equipment and are manned by family-friendly captains and crews.

When you come aboard any of our boats you can expect a captain and crew who are friendly and service oriented. They are willing to answer any question and will take the time to give you a running dialogue of the fishing adventure at hand.

They will make suggestions based upon your Kona fishing preferences and will always be willing to try something different if you so desire. For example if you grow weary of trolling lures and would like something to split up the day they are all willing to stop at the inshore reefs so you can try your hand at catching some of the smaller fish that thrive on our reefs.

All of our captains offer whale and dolphin watching and will pause the fishing so that you can take photos or just enjoy being in the presence of these gentle giants that inhabit our waters during the winter and spring months.

The individual boat interiors are air conditioned and are kept clean and organized, allowing you true comfort during your time on the ocean. These captains have been specifically chosen because they are great with families, and view teaching future generations about fishing as a way of giving back for what they received when they were children.

Our boats offer parents and children a wonderful fishing experience.

Our Boats


  • The Experience

    Our captains and crew…

    View safety of their passengers as their number one priority, especially with children
    Take the time to show the boat and demonstrate the tackle to children
    Encourage children to ask questions and learn about fishing
    Realize that children are, well, children and need extra attention and constant involvement
    Aware of the importance of changing locations, type of fishing or activity to keep the whole family happy
    Are excellent with all ages of children

    Where will we be going?

    What you can see above the water is only the top third of the Big Island’s largest volcano Mauna Kea. In fact it is the tallest mountain in the world when measured from its oceanic base. What this means for Kona fisherman is that the waters around the Big Island get very deep very quickly, giving anglers immediate opportunity to catch trophy fish within minutes of leaving the harbor.

    Depending on where the fish have been, how long you’ve scheduled your trip, what you would like to do and what the weather and ocean conditions present determines where your captain will take you. Rest assured, there are plenty of places our experienced Kona charter captains can take you for the best opportunities to catch fish year-round.

    Some of the popular areas include the “Grounds” which is a section of deep underwater ledge north of the harbor that push a lot of nutrients and fish to the surface. Within 3 -15 miles of the harbor reach are strategically placed fish aggregating buoys where our migrating species of gamefish often congregate. These buoys can be reached by our charter boats during 4, 6 and 8 hour excursions.

    The State of Hawaii has placed these Fish Aggregating Devices or FADs (large buoys) in the waters surrounding the main Hawaiian Islands. These buoys attract schools of tuna and other important pelagic fishes, such as mahi-mahi, wahoo (Ono), Ahi and Billfish. FADs allow fishermen to easily locate and many times catch these species.

    If snorkeling is on the agenda your captain will take you to pristine bays where you can swim or snorkel with the marine life below the surface, and more often than not, have a chance to swim with our native spinner dolphins.

    Hawaii’s trade winds that blow from northeast to the southwest and Kona’s placement on the west side of three large volcanos allow for extremely calm sea conditions. The fishing and snorkeling areas are almost always calm combined with a gentle breeze. Whether it’s in the water or on it, Kona offers a year-round offshore paradise.

  • Why Choose Us?

    It can be very difficult to choose the right charter boat in Kona where your valuable vacation money and even more valuable vacation time is on the line. We take the guesswork out of that process and GUARANTEE your personal satisfaction.

    We have seen too many people get on a boat without really knowing the operation and paying for a trip that was not focused on their experience. Most Kona charter boat captains focus solely on catching the BIG fish. This is certainly OK for some, but these charter fishing experiences are usually not well-suited to families.

    Our captains understand how important it is to catch fish and although there are no guarantees in fishing, they will make the concerted effort to travel inshore to catch something, no matter how big.

    Assembling the most friendly and personable group of captains and crews together with pristine boats was our main priority in forming this family fishing tour company. All of us at Kona Family Fishing Charters live and breathe the true “Aloha Spirit”.

    We offer a concierge style point of contact for all of our charter boats, so if the boat that you initially decided on is booked over the dates you prefer, we can offer other similar operations that will meet your needs. We have intimate knowledge of each boat, personal long standing relationships with every captain, and 25 years in the Kona charter fishing industry.

  • Trip Styles

    Blue Water Safari
    This trip is dedicated to the fisherman in search of their trophy Pacific Blue Marlin or Yellowfin Tuna. We recommend a full day charter if you are seriously pursuing these trophy pelagics, as they are the most challenging specie encountered in Hawaiian waters. Other billfish species we are likely to encounter during our hunt are Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish and the exotic Shortnose Spearfish. Heavy tackle is used and recommended during this great Kona fishing adventure!

    Blue Water "Mixed" Bag
    This fishing trip is very popular for many of our guests as they have an opportunity to experience the "Blue Water Safari" hunt as well as having the opportunity to catch smaller game in Kona using lighter tackle. We recommend a full day trip as our vessels will typically split their tactics between searching the deep offshore waters for your “trophy” billfish or tuna and, approximately half way through your trip, turn their focus on angling smaller pelagic species adjacent inshore ledges or offshore or FAD buoys.

    "Kealakekua Bay (Captain Cook) Snorkel & Fishing Combination"
    Spend the morning searching for your catch along the coastline south of Kona. Common species include Aku, Ono, Barracuda, & Mahi Mahi. Once we reach the protected waters of Kealakekua Bay, trade your fishing pole for a set of fins and jump in with the underwater life. There is typically a pod of curious spinner dolphins in the bay to swim with. After we are finished with snorkeling we head back to the harbor in hopes of a bite along the way. A six hour trip is ideal for this adventure as it allows enough time to successfully accomplish both activities.

    "Inshore Reef Adventure"
    This trip is fabulous as we target the generally smaller, but fantastic eating wahoo, mahi-mahi and smaller tuna while enjoying the beauty of the Island’s coastline. We generally target these species in 240' 300' of water using lighter, more manageable fishing tackle with artificial lures or fresh bait. We recommend a six hour trip for this fun-filled Kona fishing trip. By the way, be prepared to "hook" into a monster marlin as there have been many occasions where these huge game fish have been caught in shallow Kona waters!

    "Flyfishing Adventure"
    This trip is designed to be an advanced "booking" trip as our guests are generally accomplished fly fishermen and are required to bring their own gear. During this trip we utilize a number of different techniques depending on the desired targeted specie our anglers have in mind. We employ two crew members during these trips as they are constantly working and interacting with our angler and often requires the "bait & switch" technique in luring billfish to our anglers’ fly presentation. We recommend a full day for this type of trip and advise that our guests contact our captain in advance of their scheduled arrival to discuss tackle details and specie preference.

    "Keiki Kona Adventure"
    This trip is designed solely to introduce our young anglers to this wonderful sport of fishing in Kona. Children as young as 3 generally enjoy this adventure and we typically recommend a trip no longer than 4 hours, as there is much to see and experience without creating too lengthy of trip. We generally focus on targeting smaller tuna and occasionally bottom fishing depending on what species we encounter on the way. Lighter and more manageable tackle is used during this fishing adventure. This is a great opportunity to preserve your child's memory of their "first" blue water fishing adventure and they can have their catch reproduced if so desired. Taxidermy services are an integral part of the charter services offered!

    "Kona Whale Watching and Dolphin Excursions"
    This trip is offered year round for the viewing of our local spinner dolphin population and Melon Head whales and during December thru March we schedule trips for the viewing the magnificent Humpback Whales. These "private" tours allow our guests to enjoy the experience and grandeur of these magnificent mammals in the privacy of their own vessel. We recommend 4 hour tours for this trip so that our guests can hopefully view various pods of whales and dolphins in the nearby calm Kona waters.

  • What is included in the charter?

    Private use of the boat chartered for the time reserved. We do not come back early and if we do happen to leave late for whatever reason we will return to the harbor that much later.

    The following amenities are included complimentary on all boats:

    Continental Breakfast or light afternoon snack depending on trip times
    Fresh Kona Coffee
    Bottled Water
    Residential Refrigerators for you to store any additional food items (no bananas please) and any beverage you prefer to drink
    All tackle and equipment
    Fillet and package of your catch to take back to the hotel

    What additional things do you offer?
    In addition to What We Offer complementary you can also add any of these items to enhance your trip.

    Photo & Video Package - This includes a photographer for the trip who would be responsible for getting still pictures, video of any exciting moments and underwater video of any catch. Photographer utilizes Hi Def video and Go Pro Cameras to capture the highlights from all angles. Provided that you are not departing the following day a CD of the trip would be delivered to your hotel/condo a couple days after the trip. This is a great holiday card photo opportunity.

    Souvenir T-shirts, hats, and other items you can take back to your friends.

    Boxed Lunch - Choose from our list of available items and your lunch will be waiting for you when you arrive at the boat.

    No Bananas Story
    Fishermen are a mysterious lot. While we are known for our simple pragmatism, we also have many odd quirks. There are numerous bad luck banana stories; here is one that applies to Hawaii.

    Back before fiberglass and powered boats the Hawaiian men would go out in dugout canoes and fish for weeks at a time. They would always take bananas. Well it happens that the bananas would rot about the same time they would get too far out to really catch any fish. So they associated bananas as bad luck.

  • Reservations

    Live and breathe the aloha spirit.

    Booking with us provides you the guarantee that we will be able to give you an experience that is focused on you having a great time on the water. We offer a point of contact for all the boats so that if the boat that you initially decide on is booked over the dates you prefer we can talk to you about the other boats in the fleet without you having to research another option. We have intimate knowledge of each boat, personal long standing relationships with every captain, and 20+ years in the Kona charter fishing industry.

    Ready to book your Kona fishing adventure?

    Reservations can be made via email or phone. Once a boat is chosen, and you decide on the date for fishing, we will confirm the availability of the boat.

    To secure the date on the boat a 50% deposit is required. This amount does not include tax, gratuity & processing fee.

    The Initial deposit is non-refundable within 10 days of the scheduled trip. The remaining balance is due 48 hours before the trip; this amount will include tax and processing fee for the entire amount but does not include gratuity. This final payment is non-refundable within 48 hours of the scheduled charter.

    Payment can be made by credit card or check: we accept all major credit and debit cards.

Kona Family Fishing


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Ready to book your Kona fishing adventure? Reservations can be made via email or phone. Once a boat is chosen, and you decide on the date for fishing, we will confirm the availability of the boat.

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