Hanamama Hooks Up Monday, August 19, 2013

Kona Charter Fishing - Hanamana Hooks Up!

Two brothers had their hands full on a recent fishing trip with the Hanamana.  Jeff, 14 and Jeremy 11 set out with their parents on a six hour snorkeling fishing trip.  On the way to Kealakekua bay for some dolphin swimming and snorkeling one of Capt. Chip's lures got eaten by something BIG.  The reel started screaming and Jeff jumped into the fighting chair and got ready to reel.  Little did he know he was fighting something twice as big as himself.  After several acrobatic jumps and some great angling the crew of the Hanamana had an estimated 300 pound Pacific Blue Marlin next to the boat.  The decision was made to release the marlin and she was successfully un-hooked and set free to fight another day. 

After snorkeling was over the Capt. Chip headed out of Kealakekua bay in search of a fish for Jeff's brother Jeremy.  He had heard reports of a porpoise school that was holding Ahi (Large Yellow Fin Tuna) just a couple miles outside of the bay.  When they reached the school everyone was more interested in watching the porpoise jump and surf the wake of the boat than watching Chip's lures.  As it often happens when you aren't paying attention the fish decide to bite.  Jeremy heard the reel start to scream and knew that it was his turn.  As soon as he jumped in the chair he could tell that he also had something big on the line but it wasn't jumping like the marlin had.  With some great rod handling skills Jeremy had his beast close to the boat.  Capt. Chip yelld out "Ahi!" when he saw the yellow fin and big sickle fins.  In a couple seconds the fish was in the boat and both boys were now exhausted and VERY happy.  With an experience like that they are now fishermen for life.  We look forward to their return and another fishing trip.  

With Aloha, 
Kona Family Fishing Team
Kona Charter Fishing - Mothership on the Sun Seeker Thursday, August 08, 2013

Kona Fishing - Mothership Style

This July the Sun Seeker went on an amazing weekend trip down to south point and Okoe Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii.  They also brought along a 43’ sport fishing boat to take out during the day for fishing trips.  In the evenings they would converge in a remote bay and all guests would come aboard the Sun Seeker for dinner and conversation about the days activities.  Here are some photos from this amazing trip.  

During the day most of the guests enjoyed the amenities on the Sun Seeker including fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking.  We were very fortunate to catch fish throughout the trip and enjoyed eating freshly caught Mahi Mahi, Ono & Ahi.  

Goodbye Kona...

Hello Okoe Bay!

Snorkeling in the bay is incredible, warm waters, beautiful fish and great coral.  

Capt. Paul Warren with his guests giving the "Shaka" and the "All Ok" dive signs.

All of the porous lava rock on the mountain absorbs the rain there is so there is no run off into the ocean.  On a calm day it is not uncommon to have 150 feet of visibility underwater. 

Playful and very curious Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins investigate the new visitors in their bay.  

Nice Catch!  A 20 pound Ono means it's time For Lunch...

Another incredible sunset from Okoe bay.  

We would love to take your family out on an overnight trip to Okoe bay and beyond.  Please let us know when you are coming to the Big Island and would like to take this trip of a lifetime.  

Mahalo & Aloha
-Kona Family Fishing
Big Island Traveler - Caught in Paradise Friday, June 14, 2013

Caught in Paradise
Kona Charter Fishing Report - Aku & Ono! Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Big Island Fishing Adventure

We recently had a great family from Oahu join us on an afternoon half day charter with the Pacific Blue.  Captain Bill was working the 40 fathom ledge in hopes of an Ono on our way out to the "grounds".  Just as we were about to reel in the lines and change out the lures a nice 25 pound Ono jumped on the short rigger. Dave's oldest daughter Grace did a great job of hauling him in.  Alright! the skunk was off the boat.

The remaining amount of time was spend catching big Aku  (Skipjack tuna).  The youngest daughter, Rosie and her sister Grace pulled in a bunch (with help from dad) of these feisty tunas.  There was one particular small tuna that Rosie shared a much deeper relationship than any other. 
Once back on land Rosie posed for a picture with her prized catch and newest friend.  She can be seen in the photos and video hugging this fish with much love.  Needless to say she was not very happy when she couldn't bring her pet back to the hotel.

Big Island Fishing Adventure - 27lb Ono (wahoo) Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Fishing Report from Kona…

12 year old Colby used all of his strength today to subdue this beautiful 27 lb. Ono (Wahoo).  It was his first ever fish and his father, Matt helped out with holding the "monster" for photos.  The entire family will enjoy fresh "Ono" fillets at the Beach Tree restaurant this evening.

Kona Charter Fishing Adventure - Aku for the Keiki Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Fisherman for life!

From time to time we get amazing letters of thanks from our guests.  Last week the Tropical Sun took out this great family from Oahu.  The keiki had a blast hauling these pint sized tunas at F buoy.  Here is the letter we received from Bertie.

Aloha, Captain Dennis!  It was wonderful meeting you last week when you took my two grandsons (Kainoa and Cameron), Mike and Alika on the fishing trip on Wednesday!  Kainoa couldn't stop talking about the trip and his aku, and had deemed the trip his "most awesomest in his whole life"!!
He is definitely the fisherman in our family, taking after his beloved Papa, Mike!  He lives and breathes fishing and is our own personal walking encyclopedia on fish and game.  Kainoa's favorite program is Hawaii Goes Fishing, and his parents have to record it becasue it comes on after his bedtime.  Captain Dennis and Uncle Ryan know ALOT about fishing, in his own words!
You gave my family precious memories, and those memories will last a lifetime - so thank you!  The family is all settled back in Oahu, after a wonderful vacation on the Big Island! 
A hui hou,

Mahalo for your kind words Bertie, we look forward to welcoming you back to the Big Island soon!  

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Terminella Family Spends Two Days on our Charter Boats Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Kona Fishing - Family Style

The Terminella family contacted us about setting up a fishing trip and a snorkeling trip with two of our boats.  For the first day they choose the Long Ranger and had a blast with Capt. Lance and Steve.  They were successful at landing several tunas and a beautiful Mahi Mahi while fishing at F buoy.  Diana (mom) said about the trip, "We had an awesome day of fishing - my boys are already begging to go back! ; ). Lance and Steve were as good as you said - they showed us a great time!!"

With one good trip under their belts and fresh fish for the dinner table, they were excited for tomorrow's adventure.  Here is Capt. D's report from the second day.  

Fishing with the Terminella family was like fishing with old acquaintances.  The moment the family stepped on board it was evident that this was a class act family and we knew that our trip was going to be a blast.  The plan was to snorkel at one of the many shoreline spots near Honokohau Harbor but the afternoon surf was very dangerous to make any safe attempts for the young family. 

I consulted with Diana and Manny, the parents, and they indicated that they thought it would be better to pass on the snorkeling and concentrate on fishing.  Freda, the grandmother was quite happy about the decision as she really enjoys fishing especially if she has a chance to see her three beautiful grandchildren catching fish.  Isabel, Noah and Manny Jr. were all for the idea of resuming their fishing excursions after having had such a great time the day before on the charter boat Long Ranger.  As we headed north our focus was on catching a mahi-mahi or wahoo and "Lady Luck" was there for us as we approached Keahole Pt.  A nice 20 lb. mahi-mahi greeted our beautifully rigged trolled lure and before too long of a fight, Noah had reeled in the fish and Ryan had gaffed it an placed it on ice. 

I shared a tasty new mahi-mahi recipe with Manny Sr. which he wanted to use to prepare the fish that night.  The rest of the afternoon was spent catching nice tuna in the 3 lb. - 10 lb. range and everyone had a marvelous time.  They had such a wonderful time that Freda decided to charter the Tropical Sun on Father's Day as a surprise gift for her son-in-law.  We look forward to another wonderful fishing adventure with the Terminella family!

Capt. D with Isabel

Here is Diana's account o the second day, "We had another great outing today with Captain Dennis and co-captain Ryan aboard the Tropical Sun. What a beautiful boat - and what an awesome crew!  They made us feel welcome and had us laughing from the moment we stepped on board (even before that, actually ; ).  The kids enjoyed them immensely!  Dennis kept us all laughing and Ryan was just awesome with the kids - showing them all about the fishing gear, visiting with them the whole time, teaching them a lot. The boys think he's the coolest guy ever - he was truly awesome today!"

Co-Captain Ryan assisting with a Mahi Mahi photo  

Family and crew after a successful day

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Kona Charter Fishing - Big Ahi Tuna Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Long Ranger Hooks Up!

The day started out great with some excitement as a small Mahi Mahi was caught just outside the harbor.  The fight was perfect for these keiki and a great introduction to charter fishing in Kona.  Once the Mahi was safely onboard, and dinner was secured Captain Lance set a course for some bigger fish.  On his way out to F Buoy, Lance spotted an Iwa bird, meaning "thief" in hawaiian.  

On the mainland and elsewhere they are commonly called Frigate birds. Iwa birds are a fishermen's best friend as they can spot predators like Mahi Mahi and Tuna while soaring hundreds of feet above the ocean's surface.  Troll long enough below them and you will likely hook up to a nice fish.  Because their feathers are not waterproofed and they have very small legs they cannot land or dive in the water to catch fish.  Any contact with the ocean will render them flightless and they will most likely perish. They rely on plucking a fish from the surface and other birds to do their fishing.  Once another smaller bird catches a fish and leaves the water the Iwa will steal the fish from their beak.  With their seven foot wingspan and light weight (3 lbs) they can soar effortlessly all day. 

On the first pass beneath the Iwa bird the Long Ranger had a double Mahi Mahi strike.  The young anglers and dad had a great time bringing them in.  Five more passes in the same area did not produce any results so Lance decided to move on.  About five minutes away from the Iwa bird the long rigger line took a strike, and the big reel was peeling out line without any signs of stopping.  After the other lines were brought in Lance began backing down on the fish until dad was regaining line.  In about 25 minutes he had the fish to the boat and co-captain Steve placed a solid gaff and brought the big Ahi on board.  It was all cheers and high fives after that.  

Unfortunately the rest of the day did not provide any more action.  From the looks of the kids' faces it was an epic day and one that they will remember for a lifetime.  

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Kona Keiki Summer Fishing - Tournament & Fish Camp Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Kona Keiki Fishing Tournament

Headed to Kona for your summer vacation?  Try your luck in the first annual Keiki Fishing Tournament.  The tournament runs every week of the summer from sunday to saturday, so no matter when you are heading to the Big Island your kids have the chance to win.  Prizes and certificates are awarded weekly on the following categories and division: Largest Reef Fish, Mahi Mahi, Ono, Ahi, Aku, & Marlin.  Age divisions are 3-7, 8-12 and 13-16. Pictures of the winning weekly anglers and their fish will be posted on our website.  

All weekly winners are entered into the summer grand prize and have a chance to win the trophy for Keiki Angler of the year.  This is a great way to introduce your child to fishing and create memories that last a lifetime. 

Ages: 3yrs - 16yrs

Deep Sea Fishing in Kona for Mahi Mahi Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Great Light Tackle Fishing Trip - Kona, Hawaii

Two very difficult Mahi Mahi fights on very light line. Enjoy the video and read the story!

When we received the call from our clients, the Murdocks, we were asked if we could target smaller gamefish on light tackle.  I assured the group that we could and I knew exactly the spot to take them.  When we got to our destination, about an hour from our harbor, we found lots of seabirds working bait and the water was teeming with small tuna feeding on squid.  We immediately hooked up to small yellowfin tuna and everyone was having a blast  catching these feisty gamefish on 12 lb. test line and light rods and reels.  The tuna ranged in size from 8 lb. - 15 lbs.  While we were trolling our 3" rubber squid lures a mahi-mahi attacked one of the light rods and off we were with a screaming 20 lb. Mahi-Mahi.  Our angler, Jeff, did a fantastic job angling his catch and after about 15 minutes we were lucky to get a gaff into this prized fish and it was all "high 5's " from our angler and crew.  As it often happens there was another Mahi Mahi following the hooked fish.  We quickly dropped back a hook baited with a tuna strip and instantly got bit!  Our angler had a blast fighting this mahi on 20lb test.  After many runs we were able to secure the fish and bring it on-board.  The Murdocks' had a great time and needless to say ate well that evening!  Just another day with Kona Family Fishing! 

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