Hanamama Hooks Up Monday, August 19, 2013

Kona Charter Fishing - Hanamana Hooks Up!

Two brothers had their hands full on a recent fishing trip with the Hanamana.  Jeff, 14 and Jeremy 11 set out with their parents on a six hour snorkeling fishing trip.  On the way to Kealakekua bay for some dolphin swimming and snorkeling one of Capt. Chip's lures got eaten by something BIG.  The reel started screaming and Jeff jumped into the fighting chair and got ready to reel.  Little did he know he was fighting something twice as big as himself.  After several acrobatic jumps and some great angling the crew of the Hanamana had an estimated 300 pound Pacific Blue Marlin next to the boat.  The decision was made to release the marlin and she was successfully un-hooked and set free to fight another day. 

After snorkeling was over the Capt. Chip headed out of Kealakekua bay in search of a fish for Jeff's brother Jeremy.  He had heard reports of a porpoise school that was holding Ahi (Large Yellow Fin Tuna) just a couple miles outside of the bay.  When they reached the school everyone was more interested in watching the porpoise jump and surf the wake of the boat than watching Chip's lures.  As it often happens when you aren't paying attention the fish decide to bite.  Jeremy heard the reel start to scream and knew that it was his turn.  As soon as he jumped in the chair he could tell that he also had something big on the line but it wasn't jumping like the marlin had.  With some great rod handling skills Jeremy had his beast close to the boat.  Capt. Chip yelld out "Ahi!" when he saw the yellow fin and big sickle fins.  In a couple seconds the fish was in the boat and both boys were now exhausted and VERY happy.  With an experience like that they are now fishermen for life.  We look forward to their return and another fishing trip.  

With Aloha, 
Kona Family Fishing Team
Kona Charter Fishing - Mothership on the Sun Seeker Thursday, August 08, 2013

Kona Fishing - Mothership Style

This July the Sun Seeker went on an amazing weekend trip down to south point and Okoe Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii.  They also brought along a 43’ sport fishing boat to take out during the day for fishing trips.  In the evenings they would converge in a remote bay and all guests would come aboard the Sun Seeker for dinner and conversation about the days activities.  Here are some photos from this amazing trip.  

During the day most of the guests enjoyed the amenities on the Sun Seeker including fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking.  We were very fortunate to catch fish throughout the trip and enjoyed eating freshly caught Mahi Mahi, Ono & Ahi.  

Goodbye Kona...

Hello Okoe Bay!

Snorkeling in the bay is incredible, warm waters, beautiful fish and great coral.  

Capt. Paul Warren with his guests giving the "Shaka" and the "All Ok" dive signs.

All of the porous lava rock on the mountain absorbs the rain there is so there is no run off into the ocean.  On a calm day it is not uncommon to have 150 feet of visibility underwater. 

Playful and very curious Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins investigate the new visitors in their bay.  

Nice Catch!  A 20 pound Ono means it's time For Lunch...

Another incredible sunset from Okoe bay.  

We would love to take your family out on an overnight trip to Okoe bay and beyond.  Please let us know when you are coming to the Big Island and would like to take this trip of a lifetime.  

Mahalo & Aloha
-Kona Family Fishing
Big Island Traveler - Caught in Paradise Friday, June 14, 2013

Let's Go Fishing!

At this point you should be asking yourself "How can I get on this action?" There are extensive fishing charter options located in and around Kailua-Kona. But with so many choices, finding the right one can be overwhelming. Plus, everyone has different hopes for what kind of fishing trip they want to have, including many of the charter boat captains themselves. These ideas do not always mesh, and oftentimes visitors will spend fruitless h ours with a silent captain searching for a rare "grander" when they just want to enjoy the thrill of catching anything minus marine debris. 


These issues are just what Lee Cochran was hoping to remedy when he started Kona Family Fishing Charters in 2011. He recognized that for most chartering a fishing boat is more about the experience than it is about breaking records. When getting started, they created a list of around 20 high-quality and reputable outfits. Next, they interviewed each captain and narrowed down to the six who were the best-of-the-best when it came to service oriented fishing charters. Only those who truly cared about getting to know their customers and were willing to cater to the requests of their patrons made the cut. 

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