John Bagwell

I have been fishing since 1970, starting in Daytona Beach, Florida and traveling to many places since that time.

Daytona was just the start of what has become my life's passion of marlin and big game fishing. It fortunately took me to North Carolina in the early 1970's were I was able to fish with some true legends of the sport. Names like Buddy Cannady, Omi Tillett, Buddy Davis, Sam Stokes, and Sonny Briggs plus numerous others who still dominate fishing. These were some of the greatest billfishing experiences in my life.

Since then I have fished the entire East coast, the Bahamas, Yucatan Mexico, Isla Mujeres and now Hawaii. Kona has been my home since 1998 and I can say this is one of the premiere Blue marlin fisheries of the world. The weather is always great with maybe a hand full of bad weather days and the fishing seems to have an unparalleled season with marlin and tuna being caught year round.

One of the things which has set us apart in Kona is that I the Silky is the only 100 percent tag and release billfish charter operation. The preservation of our resource is import to the health of the fishery and our business future and I believe that many in the charter fleet have grown to agree with this practice.

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“The trip went great, but the fish were safe with us fishing for them! We had one Mahi on the line, but it got off pretty quickly. Other than that, no other fish were interested in John's tasty looking lures....it certainly wasn't for lack of trying! John and Alan were great and tried their darndest. John found a large pod of dolphins, we followed the pod and pinged many, many Ahi, and even saw some surfacing, but none were hungry. We had a great time though and enjoyed the dolphins and pilot whales that John spotted. I'm attaching a photo that Suzanne took of one of our many happy dolphins. Thanks so much for all your help in coordinating the charter....you made the process so very easy and we appreciate that. We will save our pennies so that we can go out with John again in the future.”!

Steve & Suzanne T.


Tropical Sun

“I just can't say enough about captain Dennis, Ryan, and the Tropical Sun. Our family goes fishing with these amazing people every year. Most recently we caught 4 mahi mahi!! Ryan and Dennis are very knowledgeable about where to find the fish. They are both friendly and fun to spend the day with. I would recommend this boat and crew to families with kids of all ages. They will make your day at sea, the most memorable day of your holiday In Kona.”

Laura K
Edmonton AB Canada


Tropical Sun

“Thank you so much”! I really enjoyed seeing all the fish. I think the dolphins were my favorite. “It was so much fun”!

Anna Mulormack
New York



“It was one of the best days of fishing I have ever had, dolphines, whales, ans lots of fish on a great boat and great crew. I have been fishing for years and would go on no other boat. I used to work for Steve Winn at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas so I would hop that you would take my my wo word, the Silky is the BEST!”

Fred J
Kona, HI


Tropical Sun

“ Thankx for the sashimi and it was the best I will ever eat I’m sure”! Fun day with you two and thanks again”

Susan Roberts
Sacramento, CA.


Tropical Sun

“Captain Dennis is “Ono”! Ryan is so wonderful and professional”! So much fun! So much fish & a 560 lb. Blue Marlin.

Lolly & Chris Swicegood
Ft. Worth, TX


Tropical Sun

“We owe you guys big time! You guys are the best.....Really!!”

Jon & Cathi Vining
Bandon, Oregon


Tropical Sun

“Enjoyed our trip and thank you so much for making Jeanette’s birthday even more special. Beautiful boat and great crew!

Jeff & Jeanette Wright
Morris, Oregon


Tropical Sun

“Had a great time and it was a beautiful day”! We caught a beautiful mahi-mahi which we know will taste amazing. We’ll be back for a marlin!

The Larson Family
Carmel, CA.


Tropical Sun

“This boat is amazing. It’s like a full on house”! “Can’t wait to eat the mahi-mahi we caught”!

The Mockley Family
San Francisco


Tropical Sun

“3rd trip with these guys and can’t say enough about their professionalism and energetic attitudes! We’ll be back again and again to fish on the Tropical Sun. “

Bob & Mary Nesbitt


Tropical Sun

“Wow” 50 lb Striped marlin and a 50 lb. Shortnose spearfish” for twin 14 year old boys. Great crew and beautiful boat!

McEntush Family


Tropical Sun

“Great trip! Thanks for making this first fishing trip in Hawaii a great time and memorable experience”

Kevin Dunlevy


Tropical Sun

Maryland “Thanks for the lovely day out. We’ll be back soon!

Kurt & Teresa Ryan


Tropical Sun

“It was an awesome experience”!

Ravi Kumaraswami



“We were able to reel 2 of the striped marlin in one was 77" and another 78". We tagged and released them - thanks guys, it was amazing. They are a one boat operation that at least on the day we were out - out-fished all the larger charters - thee guys are an amazing team.”!

Ted A.
Nashville TN


Long Ranger

“We had an awesome day of fishing - my boys are already begging to go back! ; ). Lance and Steve were as good as you said - they showed us a great time!! ”!

Diana T.


Tropical Sun

“We had another great outing today with Captain Dennis and co-captain Ryan aboard the Tropical Sun. What a beautiful boat - and what an awesome crew!  They made us feel welcome and had us laughing from the moment we stepped on board (even before that, actually ; ).  The kids enjoyed them immensely!  Dennis kept us all laughing and Ryan was just awesome with the kids - showing them all about the fishing gear, visiting with them the whole time, teaching them a lot. The boys think he's the coolest guy ever - he was truly awesome today!”!

Diana T.

Tropical Sun

“I have been a customer of Dennis’s for many years and his fishing trips are always the best”!

Lou & Geri Cardoza
Keauhou, HI.

Tropical Sun

“Amazing day”! Tuna galore and a 300 lb. Blue Marlin. “Capt. Dennis & Ryan were the best”!

Piper & Jacob Booher
Baltimore, MD.

Tropical Sun

“Beautiful and amazing day”! Thank you for such a pleasant experience! Capt. Dennis & Ryan are awesome! Capt. Dennis is the “pirate” of the Kona Coast……………..You rock”!

Shawn & Rebecca Sawyer
Eugene, Oregon

Tropical Sun

“It was a great day with you guys”! Thanks for the thrill of catching a 300 lb. Blue marlin and the 20 lb. mahi-mahi.”!

Jim & Heather DeCourcey
Falmouth, Maine

Tropical Sun

“Awesome trip”! Thanks for a great and memorable day”!

Matt & Kathy Mollow
Sandusky, OH.

Tropical Sun

“Terrific time”! Two marlins and I didn’t get sea sick!

Bill & Camilla Sandrini
Gilroy, CA.

Tropical Sun

“Thanks for the great time and I was so happy that I was able to catch all those fish because all those other boats SUCKED!!

Joey & Jeff Price
Pleasonton. CA.

Tropical Sun

“It’s such a beautiful boat! The dolphins were amazing to watch. Amazing trip, incredibly fun and the best crew ever”!

Julia & Mekenzie
New Jersey

Tropical Sun

“It’s such a beautiful boat! The dolphins were amazing to watch. Amazing trip, incredibly fun and the best crew ever”!

Julia & Mekenzie
New Jersey

Tropical Sun

We had so much fun! Brad caught his first Blue marlin estimated at 200 lbs. “Thanks for such a wonderful day”!

Hagmann Family
New York

Tropical Sun

“Thanks for the “Epic” battle with the 1,000 lb. + Blue Marlin. Nice to see some fisherman still care about releasing marlin even at this size. We all had a great trip and we’ll be back next year to fish with Capt. “D” & Ryan."

John Esposito
Greenwich, CT

Captain Name: John Bagwell

Length: 45'

Boat Brand: Viking

Capacity: Up to 6

Silky Amenities include:

Full AC, 2 state rooms, 2 bathrooms, Sleeps 5, Full kitchen, Entertainment Center (TV DVD CD), Tailored tours: Snorkel and fishing combo tours, Light tackle, Fly fishing, Overnight Tournaments, Whale watching

Comfortable seating:
Interior seating for 8
Upper deck shaded seating for 6

Tailored tours, familes welcome:Snorkel and fishing combo tours, Light tackle, Fly fishing, Overnight, Tournaments, Whale watching