When you come aboard any of our boats you can expect a captain and crew who are friendly and service oriented. They are willing to answer any question and will take the time to give you a running dialogue of the fishing adventure at hand.

They will make suggestions based upon your Kona fishing preferences and will always be willing to try something different if you so desire. For example if you grow weary of trolling lures and would like something to split up the day they are all willing to stop at the inshore reefs so you can try your hand at catching some of the smaller fish that thrive on our reefs.

All of our captains offer whale and dolphin watching and will pause the fishing so that you can take photos or just enjoy being in the presence of these gentle giants that inhabit our waters during the winter and spring months.

The individual boat interiors are air conditioned and are kept clean and organized, allowing you true comfort during your time on the ocean. These captains have been specifically chosen because they are great with families, and view teaching future generations about fishing as a way of giving back for what they received when they were children.


Our captains and crew…

  • View safety of their passengers as their number one priority, especially with children
  • Take the time to show the boat and demonstrate the tackle to children
  • Encourage children to ask questions and learn about fishing
  • Realize that children are, well, children and need extra attention and constant involvement
  • Aware of the importance of changing locations, type of fishing or activity to keep the whole family happy
  • Are excellent with all ages of children

We had an awesome day of fishing - my boys are already begging to go back! ; ). Lance and Steve were as good as you said - they showed us a great time!!

Diana T. Arkansas

“Thank you so much”! I really enjoyed seeing all the fish. I think the dolphins were my favorite. “It was so much fun”!

- Anna Mulormack - New York

“We owe you guys big time! You guys are the best.....Really!!”

- Jon & Cathi Vining - Bandon, Oregon


What you can see above the water is only the top third of the Big Island’s largest volcano Mauna Kea. In fact it is the tallest mountain in the world when measured from its oceanic base. What this means for Kona fisherman is that the waters around the Big Island get very deep very quickly, giving anglers immediate opportunity to catch trophy fish within minutes of leaving the harbor.

Depending on where the fish have been, how long you’ve scheduled your trip, what you would like to do and what the weather and ocean conditions present determines where your captain will take you. Rest assured, there are plenty of places our experienced Kona charter captains can take you for the best opportunities to catch fish year-round.

Some of the popular areas include the “Grounds” which is a section of deep underwater ledge north of the harbor that push a lot of nutrients and fish to the surface. Within 3 -15 miles of the harbor reach are strategically placed fish aggregating buoys where our migrating species of gamefish often congregate. These buoys can be reached by our charter boats during 4, 6 and 8 hour excursions.

The State of Hawaii has placed these Fish Aggregating Devices or FADs (large buoys) in the waters surrounding the main Hawaiian Islands. These buoys attract schools of tuna and other important pelagic fishes, such as mahi-mahi, wahoo (Ono), Ahi and Billfish. FADs allow fishermen to easily locate and many times catch these species.

If snorkeling is on the agenda your captain will take you to pristine bays where you can swim or snorkel with the marine life below the surface, and more often than not, have a chance to swim with our native spinner dolphins.

Hawaii’s trade winds that blow from northeast to the southwest and Kona’s placement on the west side of three large volcanos allow for extremely calm sea conditions. The fishing and snorkeling areas are almost always calm combined with a gentle breeze. Whether it’s in the water or on it, Kona offers a year-round offshore paradise.