It can be very difficult to choose the right charter boat in Kona where your valuable vacation money and even more valuable vacation time is on the line. We take the guesswork out of that process and GUARANTEE your personal satisfaction.

We have seen too many people get on a boat without really knowing the operation and paying for a trip that was not focused on their experience. Most Kona charter boat captains focus solely on catching the BIG fish. This is certainly OK for some, but these charter fishing experiences are usually not well-suited to families.

Our captains understand how important it is to catch fish and although there are no guarantees in fishing, they will make the concerted effort to travel inshore to catch something, no matter how big.

Assembling the most friendly and personable group of captains and crews together with pristine boats was our main priority in forming this family fishing tour company. All of us at Kona Family Fishing Charters live and breathe the true “Aloha Spirit”.

We offer a concierge style point of contact for all of our charter boats, so if the boat that you initially decided on is booked over the dates you prefer, we can offer other similar operations that will meet your needs. We have intimate knowledge of each boat, personal long standing relationships with every captain, and 25 years in the Kona charter fishing industry.


There are those that take the time to create an experience for their clients regardless of fish caught. They maintain an engaging conversation and listen to the type of fishing the client desires and adopting those into the trip. They also pay a great deal of attention to any children on board, knowing that their experience on board is paramount to the parents.

The other type of captain was one who was hesitant to answer questions, did not take the time to get to know their guests, or even interested in learning what their fishing preferences were for the day. They view their trip as a success if they were able to catch a big fish, with no regard for how much the guests had enjoyed themselves aboard their boat.

This obvious difference in the types of captain/crew chosen for our group of charter fishing operations was the degree of service oriented experience and their sincere consideration of their customers time on the water vs. placing more importance in catching a large marlin.

From a list of over sixty boats we were able to put together a list of twenty-three operations that he felt were high quality operations. From there, interviews were conducted with the twenty-three captains and the list was narrowed to the best operations we felt we had for creating a Kona fishing experience on every trip. These are boats that we felt could guarantee a great experience for our guests and ensured a positive start-up for Kona Family Fishing Charters reputation.