Private use of the boat chartered for the time reserved. We do not come back early and if we do happen to leave late for whatever reason we will return to the harbor that much later.

The following amenities are included complimentary on all boats:

  • Continental Breakfast or light afternoon snack depending on trip times
  • Fresh Kona Coffee
  • Bottled Water
  • Residential Refrigerators for you to store any additional food items (no bananas please) and any beverage you prefer to drink All tackle and equipment
  • Fillet and package of your catch to take back to the hotel

No Bananas Story

Fishermen are a mysterious lot. While we are known for our simple pragmatism, we also have many odd quirks. There are numerous bad luck banana stories; here is one that applies to Hawaii.

Back before fiberglass and powered boats the Hawaiian men would go out in dugout canoes and fish for weeks at a time. They would always take bananas. Well it happens that the bananas would rot about the same time they would get too far out to really catch any fish. So they associated bananas as bad luck.